Using Cardboard Spools with AMS

Cardboard spool filaments have become increasingly popular due to their low cost and recyclability. However, ''Bambu Lab doesn't recommend using filaments with cardboard spools with the AMS, as they can produce dust and block the rollers or the cardboard edges could fray, causing issues.'' 

Jayo filament

As a manufacturer of cardboard spool filaments, we want to provide an affordable and eco-friendly product, but we also need it to work reliably with AMS, given the increasing number of people using it. Simply telling customers not to use our filament is not a good solution. 

Fortunately, ingenious makers have already found a solution - the Cardboard Spool Ring. (STL File>>) This model can be snapped on the cardboard spool so that the edge of the cardboard spool is not in direct contact with the AMS. This prevents fraying edges and dust from contacting the AMS components.

Cardboard Spool Ring & Jayo Cardboard Spool

Below are more details of the practice we did using the JAYO 1.1kg cardboard spool as an example.

Download the regular cardboard_spool_ring file

The preset diameter of the ring is 202mm, and the diameter of the jayo spool is 195mm. Following the modeler's suggestion, we tried to print a ring with a diameter of 202mm. 
PLA Filament
It is necessary to apply an appropriate amount of water-soluble glue on the printing platform before printing.
The printed ring fit Jayo Spool perfectly. 
We also tried printing the 200mm diameter ring and it gripped our spools snugly, it took a little while to remove, but still good.
Set the printing speed to 60mm/s, and it takes about 52 minutes to complete one ring.

What's the benefit?

  • Preserves biodegradable and eco-friendly nature
  • Eliminates cardboard dust in the print area
  • Works reliably with¬†AMS


Although printing the ring takes some initial effort, it allows you to use affordable, eco-friendly cardboard spool filaments long-term, and the rings are reusable and can be made from biodegradable materials(PLA/PLA+). In the long run, pairing the rings with Jayo 1.1kg cardboard spool filaments remains an economical and eco-friendly choice compared to entirely plastic spools.

STL File

by Blizzard on Printables