Resina tipo PA

PA-Like Resin performs well in forming, odor, shrinkage, stretching, bending and toughness, and can punch and tap. It is used in product models that require high hardness and good toughness, such as structural part samples.
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JAYO PA-Like Resin 1KG 3D Printing Photopolymer Resin - jayo3d

JAYO PA-Like Resin 1KG Resina de fotopolímero de impresión 3D

$39.99 ‚Äď $40.99
1 piezas + 3 piezas + 6 piezas + EE.UU $39.99 $31.99 $29.19 Reino Unido $39.99 $31.99 $29.19 UE $40.99 $32.79 $29.92 JAYO PA-Like Resina 1KG „ÄźResina similar a JAYO...