Can Jayo's Cardboard Spool Really be Recycled?

At JAYO, we recognize the growing interest in recycling paper products like cardboard spools. Some paper reels utilize waxed cardboard which, while waterproof, cannot be recycled through normal means. The wax coating contaminates other cardboard in the recycling process. However, we want to assure our customers that JAYO cardboard spools are 100% recyclable.

JAYO Uses Uncoated Corrugated Cardboard

Our spools are made from layers of flat corrugated cardboard, not waxed paper. This material is thick, sturdy, strong and completely uncoated. You can find our printed recyclable logo directly on the reels to confirm they can be recycled.

A Small Amount of Labeling is Acceptable

We understand there may be some concern about the labels on our spools. Rest assured paper mills can handle a small amount of labeling. They have filtering systems to remove tape, paper clips, labels and other minor contaminants.

Tips for Proper Cardboard Recycling

Critical Reminder: Keep Cardboard Dry

It is crucial that cardboard remains completely dry and grease-free for recycling. Paper contaminated with oils, grease, liquids or food debris cannot be processed and recycled. Please take care to keep JAYO cardboard spools clean and dry.

Optional Best Practices

While not required, we recommend these additional steps for optimal recycling:

Remove any extraneous labeling, staples, tape or other attached materials when possible. 

The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Paper Spools

One ton of waste paper can produce 850 kg of good quality recycled paper, saving 3 cubic meters of timber, as well as 100 cubic meters of water, 300 kg of chemical raw materials, 1.2 tons of coal, and 600 degrees of electricity.

Calculated based on producing 20,000 tons of office recycled paper per year, it can save 66,000 cubic meters of timber annually, equivalent to protecting 520,000 big trees, or increasing 5,200 acres of forest.