Get More High-Quality Filament for Less with JAYO 1.1kg Spools

Here at our shop, we know makers and hobbyists are always looking for ways to maximize their 3D printing experience without breaking the bank. That's why we now offer 1.1kg filament spools that give you an extra 100g of material compared to the standard 1kg filaments on the market. Even better, our 1.1kg filaments cost less per gram than comparable 1kg filaments while maintaining excellent quality. Read on to see why our 1.1kg filaments in eco-friendly cardboard spools give you more value for your money.

Generous Filament Amounts Save You Money

Most filament spools contain 1kg of material, but we pack an extra 100g into our 1.1kg spools. This means you can print more models before needing to swap filament.
Even with the extra material, our 1.1kg spools are very competitively priced per gram compared to 1kg spools from other brands. You get more filament for less money.

No Sacrificing on Filament Quality

Don't think the extra filament means lowering quality. We use the same high-grade materials and precision diameter as standard 1kg filaments.
Our rigorous quality control ensures each spool prints smoothly with minimal clogging or breakage throughout large, lengthy print jobs.

Durable, Eco-Friendly Cardboard Spools

Our 1.1kg filament comes wound on sturdy cardboard spools that are fully recyclable after use. This avoids wasted plastic.
Cardboard spools are strong enough to hold precise filament shape without deforming or adding too much weight for your printer.
Conclusion: For makers who want to maximize printing efficiency without hurting their wallet, our 1.1kg filament spools offer unbeatable value. You get more high-quality filament compared to standard spools while saving money and minimizing spool changes.

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