Standard Plus Resin

Higher Precision and Better Toughness

Hot Selling

3_c83195ac-0b3a-49ef-aa1c-d4ec74c836e2 - jayo3d 3_c83195ac-0b3a-49ef-aa1c-d4ec74c836e2 - jayo3d

PLA Plus

High Dimensional Accuracy and No Bubble

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ABS-Like Resin

Excellent Stability and Low Odor

About JAYO

Jayo is a sub-brand of Sunlu, a professional manufacturer of high-quality and affordable 3D printer filaments and resins, we sell Cardboard Spool Filaments, Plastic Spool Filaments and Polymer Resins for 3D printing.

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Blog Post

Using Cardboard Spools with AMS - jayo3d
Cardboard spool filaments have become increasingly popular due to their low cost and recyclability. However, ''Bamb...
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